KS2 Weekly Spelling Lists


  • First part of book matches the ‘Letters and Sounds Six – Phase Teaching Programme’.
    Phases 7 to 18 created for Spelling Groups to progress through KS2.
  • Four words following a specific rule introduced most weeks.
  • Two words from the relevant Y3/4 or Y5/6 word list to learn most weeks.
  • Concepts of spelling include: suffixes; prefixes; the use of the hyphen; the possessive apostrophe with plural words; contractions and other carefully organised words for revision.
  • Diagnostic test directs groups/individuals to correct phase.
    Extension lists for gifted and talented pupils.
    Assessment tests provided for High Frequency Words.
  • Can be used with existing Revision and Extension Spelling Activity Books.


ISBN: 978-1-905509-20-1